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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Friend Points update

The most recent update to the Simpsons Tapped Out has included a new Friendship feature. This feature will allow you to earn Friend Points by visiting your friends and performing various friend actions. Collecting Friend Points will enable you to unlock exclusive prizes and increase your cash rewards from friend actions!

Collecting Friend Points appears to be identical to collecting hearts. Having more friends is an advantage, but doesn't necessarily make collecting Friendship Points a whole lot faster.
  • Between 0-30 actions you get 10 Friend Points
  • Between 30-60 actions you get 5 Friend Points
  • Between 60-90 actions you get 4 Friend Points
  • Between 60-120 actions you get 2 Friend Points
  • Between 120-300 actions you get 1 Friend Points

Friend Level Prizes

Completing Friendship Levels will allow you to unlock various prices

Friendship Level 1 - Requires 1000

Your Friend Actions will now earn you 20. You can alternatively get this prize for 75

Friendship Level 2 - Requires 2000

Your Friend Actions will now earn you 22

Singing Sirloin Missions

The Singing Sirloin
  • Make Moe Sing at the Singing Sirloin for 3 hours - $135 35xp

Friendship Level 3 - Requires 1000

Your Friend Actions will now earn you 24

Friendship Level 4 - Requires 2000

Your Friend Actions will now earn you 26

Friendship Level 5 - Requires 5000

Your Friend Actions will now earn you 28

Stampy Missions

Pachyderm Piggyback
  • Make Stampy Carry Bart for 12 hours - 840 200xp
  • Redecorate the Simpson Home - 24 hours - 600 150xp

Friendship Level 6 - Requires ????

Your Friend Actions will now earn you 90 and you will have 5 Krustyland Actions instead of 3

Once you have reached level 5, you will receive the following message:
You've reached the maximum number of Friend Points. More prizes coming soon!In the meantime, you’ll earn TRIPLE the money from your Friend Interactions. Cha-ching!

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