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Friday, June 20, 2014

Angry Birds Epic - Tips and Tricks

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic is the newest title in Rovio's Angry Birds Franchise and was recently released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The game is free to download, and users can make in-game purchases to help advance their game play and progress faster. We are working on putting together a guide filled with tips and tricks to help you have a better experience on Angry Birds Epic, and we invite you to contribute with your own Epic journey in the comments section.

Android iOS Windows Phone
Download Download from the Windows Phone Store
Price Free Free Free
Requirements Android 2.3.3 or greater iOS 6.0 or greater Windows Phone 8;
Windows Phone 8.1

On iOS and Android, users can connect to their Rovio accounts so the data is synced across all their devices. iOS and Android users will also have access to Game Center and Google Play Games respectively, where they can gain achievements. Unfortunately both these features are currently not available to Windows Phone users.

Angry Birds Epic - Index


Unlike the usual Angry Birds games, where you fling your birds at pigs, Epic is a turn-based RPG game where you can execute various attacks against the pigs. You will however have to plan your attacks properly as the pigs fight back. With the proper strategy, you will quickly learn that beating a game and earning the stars can be quite easy.

The three-star system is still present, but the game will not present the score of the player during battle. Rovio made three-starring levels more important because the number of stars will also represent the number of crafting and brewing ingredients to be given to the player via the "wheel of fortune". After retrieving the anvil and buying the cauldron, players can use the earned ingredients to craft better swords, shields, and potions, but can only craft them when they earn a blueprint of it, from treasure chests, buy it via in-game currency (mainly Snoutlings) and resource givers. When a player crafts an item, a dice will roll and determine how much damage, health or quantity will be added when the player uses it, but getting a three-star item adds the number of health, attack, or quantity it's description promised. Hats, the items that change/determine a Bird's class, do not have to be crafted.

The game features three kinds of currency:
  • Snoutlings, a common type of currency, are used to buy blueprints, classes and crafting materials. These can be earned by defeating pigs, opening Treasure Chests, damaging Wealthy Rogues and Golden Pigs, damaging enemies with Piggy Mc'Cool and finishing daily dungeons. Sometimes the player gets a few Snoutlings as a consolation prize if he/she loses a battle.
  • Lucky Coins, however, are more rare and used to buy certain classes, spin the Golden Pig Machine, hire the Mighty Eagle, buy permanent upgrades and emergency consumables in battle. They can be earned by defeating the Daily Golden Pig, leveling up or purchased with real money.
  • The Essence of Friendship is more different. It can be earned by asking Friends (like the friendship gate) or bought with Lucky Coins. It is used to re-roll the Wheel of Fortune and the crafting dice.
In the early levels you will have to quickly find and collect:
  • The Anvil - Which you will use to craft weapons, offhand items and resources
  • The Cauldron - Which you will use to brew potions and create ingredients
  • The Magic Pig - Which you can roll for Legendary Set Items
These items can be found in your nest once they are collected. Your nest will also be your home-base to manage your birds, store keys and interact with your fellow Angry Birds Epic friends. 

Now that we have the basics sorted out, lets take discuss some tips and tricks that will make the gameplay more manageable.

Tips and Tricks
  1. Don't hesitate to play a level more than once... You will get different combinations of enemies each time, and you also get a chance to collect those important resources. replaying levels will also allow you to level up quickly.
  2. Leveling up increases the health and power of a bird... So if you skipped getting three stars on a particular level, you may want to revisit it after leveling up.
  3. Know your enemies strengths and weaknesses. You can do this by holding your finger over an enemy pig. This will help you come up with a strategy to defeat the level. In certain battles you may want to target the most harmful pings first, but their may be occasions where you want to take out the weaker enemies before focusing on the boss.
  4. Finish Levels with high health. The number of stars you get at the end of each level depends on the health your birds have at the end of the level. Heal your wounded birds and use the shields as you get close to a victory to ensure your claim all three stars. More stars will allow you to gain more items and also gives you some bragging rights.
  5. If you see a pig with a money bag, defeat him first... He will run away from the battle if you don't. If you do defeat him, you will get a huge Snoutling reward.
  6. Bring your Facebook friends to play. While this maybe tiresome for some, it pays having your friends play Epic.
    • You can ask for Friendship Essence, which allows you to upgrade your items, and gain more prize rolls.
    • You can call on your friend's birds for certain missions
    • You will get a free dose of Friendship Essence everyday for having your friends play.
  7. Certain points in your map show animated items, which you can scavenge for loot by tapping on them multiple times... Check you map whenever you play to see if any of those locations are.
  8. Build three star weapons - When you build weapons on your forge, you may get zero or one star weapons. If you manage to upgrade your weapon at a later time, it makes sense to recycle your weapons. Keeping weaker weapons makes you a hoarder and recycling them will add some much needed resources to your inventory.
  9. Spend your Lucky Coins on Golden Items. You can purchase the Golden Anvil, the Golden Cauldron, and the Golden Chili to help you get better items and perform better in levels.
    • The Golden Anvil is what you should go for first, as it will help you build better weapons, by ensuring you roll at least one star.
    • The Cauldron will provide a higher number of consumables, which is also important but not essential. Just like with the anvil, the Golden Cauldron will make sure you roll at least one star
  10. Store your health potions, you may need them for tough missions. Make sure you don't waste them on easy missions when you have all three birds, remember it takes just one bird to win a level.
    • Banana Potions can be made in the cauldron by combining Water, Bananas and test Tubes
  11. Watch the Free Videos from Rovio for boosts 
    • While no one likes adds, the videos can give your crew a 20% boost in health and attack power.
  12. Take your healer to battle. Healers may sometimes hold the key to winning a tough round. Healers are especially useful in those round with multiple waves of enemies.
  13. To upgrade your bird’s classes you should visit Mighty Eagle’s training dojo. Improving your bird’s classes will give you lots of advantage in game. 
    • Mighty Eagle’s Dojo is unlocked after defeating Level 4 of Old Nesting Barrows. 
    • Once unlocked, you can upgrade the classes (headgear) of your birds. 
    • Three training sessions are available at a time, and refresh every 12 hours (or immediately for a fee of 5 Lucky Coins, but this is not advised).
    • Upgrading headgear to Veteran Class costs 500 Snoutlings and increases health and attack by 20%. Elite Class headgear costs 2000 Snoutlings and increases health and attack by 40%. Finally, Master Class headgear costs a whopping 300 Lucky Coins, but increases health and attack by a staggering 60%! 
    • It is highly advised that you upgrade your favorite headgear to at least Elite Class before attempting the hardest levels in Angry Birds Epic.
  14. (More Coming)
As we mentioned above, this is just our initial set of Tips and Tricks... We will continue to update this page with new content based on your feedback and comments.

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