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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Marvel Contest of Champions: Captain America World War II

Captain America is reentering Marvel Contest of Champions in its World War II uniform. You can win the 3* variant of Cap in the Super Soldier Arena, while the 4* version can be won in the Modern Marvel Arena

Too many Champions have tried to break the Collectors control; they have forgotten what it means to be a soldier. The Collector has brought in a Captain America from World War II in order to remind these Champions what a true soldier should be. Compete ion your own in the Super Soldier or Modern Marvel Arenas, or team up with your Alliance in the Allied Victory Alliance Arena to add Captain America WWII to your roster!
As a member of the Greatest Generation, Steve Rogers spent his days in WWII taking down Nazis and battling the infamous Red Skull. This was the era when the legend known as the Sentinel of Liberty was born.
Shield Bash: Cap puts his weight behind a hefty shield bash. Shield Toss: A staple of the Cap repertoire, his shield strikes true and through. American Justice: An up-close and personal view of Cap's shield. Don't blink, or you'll miss it.
Block Proficiency, Perfect Block, Bleed Friends: Increased Armor when teamed up with Winter Soldier or Wolverine
Safeguard: The chance to Perfectly Block all damage increases anytime the opponent uses beneficial effects. *Signature Abilities are unlocked when you gain a duplicate Champion of the same rarity

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