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Monday, July 6, 2015

Marvel Contest of Champions: Iron Patriot

The world may think that Steve Rogers is a hero, but he didn't single handedly stop the Secret Invasion: that was Norman Osborn. Wearing the Iron Patriot armor, Osborn is out to prove to the Battlerealm that he's the hero it needs.

You can use your 2-Star Champions in the American Hero Arena to fight for a 3-Star Iron Patriot. You can also use your 3 and 4-Star Champions in the Master Manipulator Arena to fight for a 4-Star Iron Patriot.

Don’t be fooled by the Captain American veneer on an Iron Man-esque armor, this Iron Patriot is not what he seems. Why? Because inside the heroic armor lurks the notoriously maniacal and scheming Norman Osborn. He’s locked and loaded to take down anyone that gets in his way during his Dark Reign on The Contest.
Freedom Ray:

Blast the opponent with a powerful patriotic beam.

Power Spin:

Iron Patriot sets a twisting collision course with his opponent.

Air Strike:

The best defense, is a good... air strike! Overboard? Perhaps. Effective? Definitely!
Armor Break, Stun Enemies: Increased Critical Hit Chance when teamed up with Spider-Man

Rivals: Increased Critical Hit Damage when teamed up with Captain America

Friends: Increased Armor when teamed up with Iron Man
Arc Overload: Iron Patriot overloads the Arc Reactor in his chest, briefly boosting his armor.

*Signature Abilities are unlocked when you gain a duplicate Champion of the same rarity

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